Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spaceship Control Style

In the original conception of the Star Citizen gameplay, it was asked of Kinda-Head-Honcho Ben Lesnick what exactly it would be.  His reply: 
“Certainly nothing like Eve, ummm nothing like Freelancer sadly which I know there are a lot of Freelancer fans out there that love that, that mouse control where guns target for you but no it’s going to be Wing Commander…Wing Commander with a much deeper flight model….It's a game where you need some skill to succeed. No click to win, no Diablo or Eve style get the best thing and click on the guys until they’re dead.”

 Skill based, fo' sho.  Of course, there's been some ups and downs with the controls schemes.  Interactive mode was a bit too point-and-click for many people's tastes, but it changes constantly.  Hopefully there will be "controller agnosticism" when the final game is released, but at least we know for now that it will be far more than "point and click"!

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